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DE, Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas.  Doctor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering.  Multi-disciplinary major fields in electrical engineering and computer science. Studies in mechanical engineering, composite materials, statistics, operations research, management, accounting, finance, economics, and marketing.  Praxis titled "A 75 Ohm Switching Instrument for Automated Performance Measurement of Digital Telecommunication Equipment".

MSE, Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas.  Major fields in electrical engineering and computer science.

BSE, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio.  Double major in electrical engineering and systems & control engineering.


Registered Professional Engineer since 1987, Texas license 62530.  Detailed engineering resume with references on file with state of Texas for professional engineering license.

Formal training on HP8510C Network Analyzer, HP82000 Digital Test System, HP-UNIX System Administration, Reliability Engineering, and HP FTM-300, SAS, LabVIEW, Capture, PowerPCB, and SolidWorks softwares.  Attended OFC97, 99, 01-05,  SuperComm2000.

US patent 4,759,771 and foreign patent issued on “Packaging Technique For Batteries” (1988).   Disclosure for "Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Suppression in Optical Fiber by Cavity Length Modulation of an External Cavity Tunable Laser" (1999).



Broad engineering education and experience with electronic product specification, design, development, component selection, manufacturing materials and processes, equipment selection, quality assurance, test systems, and facility design

High speed/optical telecommunication test system designs to 50 Gbit/sec

Multi-chip module design and test

ASIC test

Environmental stress screening, burn-in, reliability engineering

Technical facility design

Analog semiconductor design, manufacture, and test

Digital semiconductor packaging

Opto-electronic, Hall effect, and hybrid sensor product design, development, and test

Item, document, and file naming, numbering, classification, and organization

Excellent performance reviews and people management skills

Current research interests

Optical and electrical TDM 40 Gbit/sec product and test system design

Heat removal from electronics using compressed air 

Collimated beam and free space optical connections

Advanced communication transport architectures, such as phase-modulated coherent RZ soliton transmitter and hetero-coherent differential optical receiver


PLANNING:  product requirements definition, estimation, contingencies, risk management, technical and business proposals with costing, architecture, technology, equipment selection, supplier development.

SYSTEM:  Definition, partitions, design, grounding, shielding, integration, automation, evaluation, metrology.


Analog:  audio, RF, microwave, optical, and magnetic; low to high level and power; DC to ~50 GHz.

Digital:  logic, memory, microprocessor, and ASIC.

Power:  linear and switching; supplies and drivers.

Wiring:  Electrical and optical wire, cables, and connectors.  Microstrip, stripline, coplanar, coax, and advanced transmission line structures.  PC boards, flex circuits, thin and thick film ceramic substrates.

MECHANICAL and PACKAGING:  Definition and tradeoffs of architecture, performance, manufacturability, technologies, and costs.

Integrated Circuits: plastic lead-frame, hermetic ceramic, chip-on-board, BGA, advanced designs, patent issued.

Assemblies: hermetic and non-hermetic hybrids, sensors, PC boards, instruments, and systems.

Mechanical design: plastic injection molds, sheet metal, machined parts, fasteners, hardware, machines, fixtures, thermal, pneumatics, materials, fab processes, finishes.

TEST:  Test plan and requirements definition, cost estimation and capital planning, test system design, advanced fixture and contactor design, test algorithm and software definition, equipment selection/evaluation, product testability, advanced test equipment origination.


SOFTWARE TOOLS:  Computer literate.  MS-DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/XP, HP-UNIX System Administrator;  SAS, LabVIEW, Visual Basic and several other Basic languages, some C and C++;  SPICE, SLAM, Touchstone simulators;  OrCAD Capture schematic capture, PADS PowerPCB p.c. board layout, SolidWorks 3D solid modeling, AutoCAD and clones, Altera Max+ Plus II;  Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visual Basic, Project, Access;  WordPerfect;  Adobe Photoshop and Premier and Illustrator;  Netscape;  many others.

EQUIPMENT:  HP82000 digital tester, HP 8510/8753/8702 and Wiltron network analyzers, Calibration Kits, Optical and Fiber Optic Equipment, Anritsu and Agilent Pattern Generators and Error Detectors with Jitter, Ordinary Bench Equipment, Wire Bonding, Die Mount, Dicing Saws, Pick and Place, Screen Printing, MSDOS and UNIX computers.

OTHER:  Process development, equipment capitalization, facility design.  Corporate policy and procedures composition.  UL listings/CSA certifications.  Web technical authoring at inter, intra, and sub-intra net levels.  Multi-disciplinary, able to technically translate, compose, and obtain agreements between customers, managers, engineers, workers, suppliers, and customers.  High quality problem solving and decision making.  Entrepreneur.

STYLE:  Pro-active, real team-oriented, technical team leader, individual contributor, champion, agent of change, co-operative, communicative, friendly, accountable, thorough, inventive, analytical, eclectic, intuitive, continuing education, self education, ethical, kind, high quality, reliable, prefer unprecedented and relatively risky assignments.


ALCATEL USA, INC., Plano Texas.

Principal Engineer, “Ad Hoc” team leader, Test System Design Engineer, Division Test Strategist, New Design Quality Assurance Engineer, ASIC Test System Integration Engineer, Environmental Stress Screening Development Engineer, Product Safety Engineer (UL, ETL, CSA).

Lead engineer to define, cost, plan design, implement, and evaluate multi-million dollar production automatic functional test systems on 15 occasions.  Systems include $0.5M-1.5M test consoles with commercial and custom equipment, $20K-50K functional test fixtures, test programs, multiple microwave and optical calibrations, and documentation.  These systems "at-speed" performance test bare laser diode semiconductor devices, hermetic opto-electronic and microwave hybrids, surface mount technology printed circuit board assemblies, and card-cage style systems.  Indirectly manage, lead, review, and train dozens of engineers, technicians, and support personnel in several functional groups.  Several test hardware techniques have been incorporated in product designs.  Directly influence product designs and supplier negotiations for leading edge, high end optical and microwave devices.  Such items include C and L band tunable lasers, lithium niobate and EA modulators, clock and data drivers, optical receivers, clock-data recovery, wideband amplifiers, FEC encoders and decoders, etc. for 10 GB/s and 40 GB/s RZ and NRZ systems.  Department “real work” trainer, librarian, and component engineer for schematic capture, PC board layout, mechanical design, office CAD tools, and engineering documentation and release systems.  Major participant in personnel evaluation, hiring, counseling, and career planning.  Won several "Quality Cups".

Evaluated and selected wide variety and large number of test instruments and computers and their options, developed and audited equipment and component suppliers, designed and implemented manual and automatic simple and very complex test fixtures, and defined software, algorithms, test, and calibration plans.  Prime negotiator and troubleshooter between product development and operations in test distribution between device, in-circuit, functional, system, burn-in, and customer levels.  Designs expressed using CAD tools for mechanical design, schematic capture, p.c. board layout, data analysis, and documentation.  Support startup production with failure analysis skills.  Effected critical product design changes and 40 GB/s technology development.  Worked on non-ITU-grid optical fiber chromatic dispersion simulator.  Originated UDWDM 10 GB/s optical transmitter system using tunable laser with stimulated Brillouin scattering suppressor and WDM ID Tone modulator.  Strongly influenced creation of the New Focus, Telecordia compliant, C-band, “PowerTune” (Picasso), tunable laser network element component entering the market in FY2001.

Originated, created, developed and deployed a strategic, low cost, functional test fixturing system suitable for both product development and production uses.  System named “Mr. Horizon”, cost ~10% of any commercial system, obsolescence controlled, ~200 systems built to date, ~100 systems used in production to date, highly flexible, modular, expandable.  System provides ground isolated DC power, power monitoring, analog I/O, and digital I/O resources to operate any telecom device or product.  Also used to rapidly create custom test equipment (next topic).

Performed all architectural, mechanical, electrical, component, software definition, procurement, and documentation engineering tasks required to originate, design, procure, produce, and deploy quantity 12 of each of three critical GPIB-controlled, rackmount, Mr. Horizon based, test instrument designs for DWDM production test systems.  Instruments named “10GB/s RZ-NRZ Lithium Niobate Modulator”, “STS192-10.664 GB/s FEC Transceiver”, and “Phased Optical Receiver, 9.95328 or 10.664 GB/s”.  Equipment conservatively valued at $7.9M, cost $1.3M, not available in the market, all 3 executed from conception to first article completion in 6 months, part time.

Originated, promoted, and negotiated the Alcatel “Priority List for Test Equipment Suppliers” to top multinational marketing, business, and principal engineers at Agilent, Anritsu, Tektronix, JDS, etc.  List defines 17 high value projects in technical and business terms, including UDWDM optical transmitter and receiver product lines, 40 GB/s equipment, optical and microwave switches, network analyzers, OSAs, lasers, etc.  Purpose is to influence their future standard products to be the capital equipment that is actually needed for DWDM telecom product testing.

Originated, pioneered, and leader of highly successful “Ad Hoc” 5 man teamwork organization using one third normal project manning.  Team identified, created, deployed, documented, and proved all 10 Gbit/sec SONET automatic production functional test systems (14 hybrids, 7 sub-assemblies, 3 modules) on time for market and in parallel with product development while closely following a large number of design iterations.  Team discovered and documented major present and future cost saving, productivity gain, and spin-off techniques that have been duplicated within Alcatel, valued between $5M and $100M.  Team also successfully critiqued and adapted concurrent engineering theory into “Ad Hoc” teamwork, overhauled basic department processes, engineered LabVIEW test software for production use, invented solutions to low voltage electrostatic discharge problems, and invented methods for fast (few minutes), low cost, product temperature testing capability.

Testability member on design review team for manufacturability on new and advanced telecommunications programs using high speed, fully automated Surface Mount Technology processes.   Principle test engineer on transport and cross-connect products handling DS1, DS1C, DS2, DS3, SONET, WDM, DWDM, fiber optic, microwave, and digital RF signals up to 10 Gbit/sec and 50 GHz using Optical Hybrids and CMOS, BiCMOS, ECL, and GaAs gate arrays.

Division test strategist, changed division production test practice from the use of "burn-in" to the use of environmental stress screening (ESS) along with temperature testing.   Defined, designed, capitalized, and implemented the first production ESS facility.   Defined, designed, capitalized, and implemented first digital ASIC Test Lab facility based upon the Hewlett Packard 82000 UNIX based tester.   Defined and designed a "Fitness-For-Use" system level product characterization test system including custom test instruments for switching and conditioning large banks of DS1 and DS3 signals.   Defined non-hermetic multi-chip module designs, test strategies, and production test systems.


Semiconductor Package Development Engineer.

Designed, tooled, and qualified plastic leadframe, hermetic ceramic, and advanced packages (wafer scale integration, chip-on-board memory, multi-chip modules, SIP memory, and battery backed memory) for DRAM and SRAM semiconductor memory products.  Very familiar with wire bond, die mount, wafer saw, pick & place, transfer molding, trim & form, and lid seal processes, materials, and equipment.   US patent 4,759,771 and Japanese patent issued on "Packaging Technique for Batteries" in 1988 (battery packaging technology).


Manager of Hybrid Product Development,   Opto-Assembly Product Engineer.

Originated profit center (~$12M/yr in 1990) and created packaging technology for non-hermetic, opto-hybrid, chip-on-board and multi-chip module products.   Designed and developed assembly processes, selected materials, and selected process equipment.   Developed first customers (Litton, IBM, Xerox) and products, designed and built production test systems, and developed the CAD design and tooling system.   Co-designed differential optical bipolar integrated circuit sensor.   Managed two technicians and one engineer.

Designed, tooled, and initiated production of many precision opto-electronic sensor assemblies using p.c. boards, plastic injection molded housings, and cable assemblies.   Designed automotive Hall effect under hood ignition sensor, shaft encoders, opto-couplers, fiber optic transceivers, reflective and transmissive opto-interrupters.


Integrated Circuit Product Engineer.   Maintained the manufacturing yield and initiated new products for all bipolar op amps.   Responsible for 27 million good chips per month.   Managed two technicians.


Project Engineer, designed off-line switching power supplies, oscilloscopes, 6800 Computer system.


Product Design Engineer, designed accelerometers, velocity sensors, and monitor instruments.


System Design Engineer, designed large scale sound reinforcement systems.


Chemical Engineering Department, Electronics Specialist, designed custom test instruments, laser Doppler flowmeter, specialized optical sensors.


·        MIDWEST SOUND EXCHANGE INC.   Cleveland Ohio.  Ex-minority stockholder, corporate secretary, system design engineer, architect, inventor of large-scale, portable, all horn, sound reinforcement systems.   Systems leased, rented, and sold for audiences up to 250,000 people and tours of major music artists.   $100K system ROI in 6 months.

·        SCIENTIFIC TEST, INC.   Garland Texas.   Created original product line of $15,000 semiconductor device testers for high power/voltage/current semiconductor devices.   Engineered and documented all mechanical designs, electronic designs, and embedded controller software requirements.

·        ASSET MANUFACTURING, INC.   Wylie Texas.  Created, prototyped, and documented original product line of automotive products including ~$5 engine fan thermostats and ~$10 cabin temperature controls. Created electronic designs using pressure sensors for freon recovery system. 

·        ANALOG DEVICES   Wilmington Massachusetts.  Provided strategic, conceptual, and technical designs for ~$1M 1, 2, and 3-axis accelerometer test system for new line of semiconductor accelerometers used in automotive airbag systems

·        RAYTHEON SYSTEMS   Dallas Texas.  Provided analysis of and low cost (0.1X) alternatives for government spy satellite telecom system proposal, resulting in cancellation of original proposal and winning of alternative contract.

·        PHILLIPS INDUSTRIES - Electrical Harness Division   Garland Texas.  Defined, designed, prototyped, and documented production test system for all of their transportation product lines. Expandable system tests ~400K electrical harnesses per year.


Swiss-Italian-German heritage, married with children, Christian.  Enjoy family activities, woodworking,  musical instrument design, desktop video origination.  Visual and musical arts supporter.  Regional and international science fair judge.

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