Example photographs and drawings of various representative products and equipment are shown below.

These examples are provided to help customers better understand TME capabilities.  



Microwave Hybrid Component: non-hermetic prototype (10 Gb/s inline peak detector)

Cable Assembly:  rugged, 180 wire, ultra flexible, quick-connections

Custom Test Instrument:  production wire harness tester (tractor trailer trucks)

Fab P.C. Board:  4-layer layout, through-hole and surface mount

P.C. Board Assembly: three deck (power, data acquisition and control)

Vibration Sensor:  ruggedized accelerometer, internal electronics for acceleration, velocity, and displacement outputs

Ignition Sensor:  hall effect hybrid, under hood ruggedized

Opto-hybrid Sensor:  p.c. board substrate, wire bonded chip-on-board, clear glob top, surface mount passives

Various Hybrids:  thick film ceramic substrate, wire bonded opto/hall IC chips, clear/black glob tops, surface mount passives

Custom Test Instrument:  rack mount, GPIB controlled, worldwide AC power (optical modulator)

Custom Test Instrument:  rack mount, manual or LAN controlled, worldwide AC power

(multi-function 10-13 Gb/s optical/electrical NRZ to NRZ-RZ-CRZ wavelength and wave shape translator)

Plastic IC Packaging:  lead frames, transfer mold tooling, trim-and-form tooling

P.C. Board Assembly: RF switch module

Multi-chip Module:  p.c. board substrate array, wire bonded chip-on-board, clear glob top, flex circuit (disc drive encoder)

Custom Test Equipment:  optical light source, closed loop electronics

Various Optical Sensors:  snap-together plastic injection molded housings, integral electronics and connectors

Sound Reinforcement System:  all horn, custom bass and midrange, ruggedized, 1K-250K audiences (1-side shown)

Wafer Scale Multi-chip Module:  redundant static RAM, battery backed

Custom Test Console: 4 bay, 8KVA, optical/microwave, telecom


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