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TME can provide technical and business consulting, multidisciplinary engineering and design, and low volume manufacturing of advanced technology hybrids, sub-assemblies, modules, equipment, and systems.  Technologies include mature and advanced electronic, fiber optic, and packaging technologies.  Expertise includes electrical, electronic, RF, microwave, fiber optic, transmission lines, analog, digital, interface, power, sensors, actuators, thermal, pneumatic, acoustic, magnetic, shielding, mechanical design, micro to macro and advanced packaging, hermetic and non-hermetic thin and thick film hybrids and MCM-COBs, SMT and thru-hole p.c. board and flex assemblies, and other technologies.  Designs are composed with solid modeling, drafting, schematic capture, circuit layout, publishing, and other CAD software tools.  TME maintains extensive CAD and product data libraries and supplier relationships to perform the many engineering tasks needed concerning materials, components, and equipment. 


TME can provide technical and business consulting, multidisciplinary engineering and design, construction, and integration of specialized custom test and process equipment needed in product research, development, and manufacturing.  Equipment can be designed for products packaged as semiconductor or optical wafers, bare and packaged die, pre-lid and post-lid hermetic and non-hermetic hybrids, sub-assemblies, modules, and systems.  Equipment includes simple or complex, manual or automatic, test or process equipment including consoles, single or multi-head precision and/or multi-technology fixtures, custom equipment, interfaces, cabling, calibration standards, and accessories.  Partial or complete solutions can be created per customer needs, including evaluating, selecting, procuring, integrating, and documenting custom equipment with commodity equipment.   Custom software can be provided upon request (Visual Basic or LabVIEW preferred).

Home Technical Details Business Details

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